Santa in the snowSanta Randy – New Hampshire Santa

I started as a Santa at my local church.

Their Santa had passed and they were desperate, so I reluctantly said I would do it. After that day I was hooked. I decided to get real boots and a real belt. Without those, I would feel like I was faking it. It’s a uniform, not a costume. It’s a business suit for the real believers.

At first, it was the message that grabbed me. Santa is a male role model who is about peace and love, Once you sit in that chair you want more. When you see it reflected in the eyes of children, you never want to give it up.

It took me awhile to get the “HO-HO-HO!” right. It should be hearty and deep. But Santa’s famous big laugh can be scary to some children. Some kids are too shy or nervous about that. But a restrained little chuckle brings them right in.

As Santa, you are there to bring joy to the children, You aren’t there for the picture. The experience for the children is what it’s about. It’s common for kids to be scared of Santa—after all, he knows if you’ve been naughty or nice. Santa is a giver, All children are good. All are worthy of joy and love.” I never tell a child they have been Naughty or make sure you clean your room or else.

When a child suggests that Santa isn’t real, I say “do you believe in Santa? Santa is only real if you believe”

Someone once said “You don’t become Santa; he becomes you. When you embrace that inclusive, humanistic, giving the spirit of an elf who loves mankind, especially children, in all colors, shapes, and forms, it just flows.

Being Santa is a passion… I am Santa 24/7 365 days a year and will be until the day I die.

Santa is available for hire at your Home Party or Business Get-togethers and Corporate Events. Photo Sittings, Tree Lightings and Parades may also be arranged.


Handwritten Letters from Santa & Telephone Calls from Santa can be arranged. Imagine your child’s excitement when they get a personal call from Santa at the North Pole!

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Santa Randy serves New Hampshire: Concord, Manchester, Rochester. Plaistow, Portsmouth, Bedford, Hampton and all surrounding areas. Please contact us for a personalized quote for your event.