Handwritten Letter from Santa

Do you want to receive the best mail EVER! Get a handwritten letter from Santa Randy himself. He will take the time needed to write a one-page handwritten letter to anyone you choose and it will be sure to stand out and maybe even be the best gift they get all year. Santa Randy will also include a 5×7 personal autograph picture with the letter so you know its from Santa. Santa Randy is the absolute best Santa for hire in New Hampshire. When you hire Santa Randy you hire a professional with years of experience that will bring joy and happiness to all the children (and adults) he encounters.

When Santa Randy writes you a letter there are a few things that will help and to get the most out of Santa Randy writing your handwritten letter.

  • The letter will take about three weeks to get to you so be sure to make enough time for Santa to be able to get his gift to you.
  • When you order the letter an email will be sent to you shortly with a questionnaire helping Santa Randy make the best-handwritten letter ever.
  • MAKE SURE TO ORDER 3 WEEKS IN ADVANCE. Santa gets a lot of mail and he wants to make sure everyone gets theirs on time.

Handwritten Letter

$25/1 page and photograph
  • $25 for a one-page handwritten letter
  • includes an autographed 5×7 picture

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Santa Randy serves New Hampshire: Concord, Manchester, Rochester. Plaistow, Portsmouth, Bedford, Hampton and all surrounding areas. Please contact us for a personalized quote for your event.